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Lowing Media - Freelance Productions

Lowing Media - Freelance Productions

Lowing Media - Freelance ProductionsLowing Media - Freelance Productions

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Corporate Branding

Regardless of the platform, from corporate to casual Lowing Media can deliver your message. Call today 403-827-4930

Simplicity in Advertising

Moving pictures to inform your potential customers. Call Lowing Media today. 

Training Videos - Watch TechSecs That TEach today

Check out TechSecs That Teach today and make sure you like, comment and subscribe to the growing Lowing Media YouTube channel today! 

Events and interview segments

World of Wheels Calgary 2019! Had a great time walking around and Catching up with Airdrie Rods and Restorations! Subscribe to Lowing Media today! 

corporate Video Productions

Paul Nye, owner of Nye's Touch Custom Airbrush wanted his social media message to find a new level. Lowing Media believes that even the small to medium business should have commercial advertising opportunity. Anyone today can have a visual message that's a step above the competition. Call Lowing Media and let's get your brand recognized on a budget you can afford. 


Brandon Lorenzo pounding out a solid version of "I'm in a Hurry" by Alabama. See him weekly at Main Street BBQ on Tuesday nights where he hosts his Open Mic! 

Steve Jevne

I shot this short promotional video for Steve Jevne a few weeks back. If you want to learn more about Steve you can check out my column on him in the Airdrie Echo at . Steve is incredibly talented and also runs a music school here in Airdrie. Visit him out today at 

Representation of your brand

The Airdrie 100 is a collective of men in Airdrie who simply give a damn enough to meet four times a year during which, 100 men donate $100 and three different local charities present their mission to the group. At the end, the men vote and that is how it's determined whom gets the $10,000.00! If you want to be a part of this incredible community initiative contact the organizers through 

This video was produced to raise awareness of this outstanding community initiative. Marketing your message with youtube videos is an excellent option when it comes to sharing your message.