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Lowing Media - Freelance Productions

Lowing Media - Freelance Productions

Content Creation. Video Production. Photography. Writing.

Content Creation. Video Production. Photography. Writing.

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Lowing Media is proud to support The Airdrie 100. The 100 Men Who Give a Damn movement is taking communities by storm. Hear from Airdrie's Peter Flannigan as he shares his thoughts on why the 100 Men movement matters to him. 

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Commercial Advertising reel

Interested in promoting yourself? Your business? You message? Have a look and see if something inspires. 

Check out the entire playlist of promos for the Airdrie100!

 Thinking of joining the Airdrie 100? Hear from the founding members of the 100 men who give a damn movement in Airdrie! Next meeting, January 2020, check back for updates! 


You know I love heading to the mountains and I especially love taking loads of photos. It occurred to me recently, while I am out shooting stills, why the heck don't I get some video of these incredible locations! So make sure you subscribe today on the channel so you wont miss the next video drop! 

Tech With Tim Reel

Tech Time with Time is a short series of tech how to videos that share the ins and outs of metal working! Subscribe today!